Nautical Quest Adventures

This is a brand new day for Nautical Quest Adventure. This is a unique charter business and its daily adventures in the beautiful Key Largo Florida. You never know what kind of adventures lays wright out side the canal headed towards the reef. From the first minute you step abored the Nautical Quest your mind is racing in anticipation to see what lies ahead.  Our last outing was a beautiful sunny  88deg day☀️seas calm. As we started our adventure the music was playing. The guest were talking and asking what it would look like to see the Christ of the abyss statue under water. I said it was beautiful and very spiritual.  We finally arrived to the snorkel site the water was 50+ visibility they couldn’t wait to get in. Finally my guest were in the water and looking down to see the Christ statue. They were amazed and in total awe!! Around 12 we left and headed for the Tiki sand bar. This was a nice 40 min cruise south west gave them plenty of time to see dolphins and Turtles high above from the crows nest. Once we reached the sand bar. We anchored the Nautical Quest and launched the paddle boards. With my guest in the water paddle boarding and lounging around. I was able to start grilling lunch. My guest were able to eat wright in the water. What a wonderful experience one guest remarked we fill like kings. After music drinks and food we set of for the 40 min run home. This route takes you through a 8 mile section of the penny camp mangrove forest. This in it’s self is a true and epic experience. It’s like being lost in time. Once we have reached  Garden Cove Marina my guest had the time of there life. The group stated that this day was the highlight of there trip. I was exited and happy to deliver such a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to deliver yours🌴😊🌴🏝

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