Starting over!!!! In key Largo Florida

I will start out by apologizing to anyone who is a blogger! Or a reader. Apparently when I tried doing this Blog in 2016. I had absolutely no clue what I was really supposed to be blogging about lol. So with that being said let me start over. My name is Captain Spurgeon Putnam. I moved here in March 2017 from a life changing event, full time to start a Charter business. I was a Atlanta firefighter for 21 years, and have a interesting childhood growing up on a 112 Motor yacht all over south Florida including key west for 3 yrs and Grenada South America. I basically will be blogging about my day to day charter operation down in beautiful key largo Florida. This is the first of the chain of islands that make up the Florida keys in a long 98 mile ride south to key west. It’s also located 1 hour south of Miami. I love Key Largo for its beautiful water and reefs , mangroves and it’s 65 mile proximity to Bimini Bahamas. The marina that I run my operation out of is called the Garden cove marina AKA the Buzzards roost for its famous food. This is also a favorite place of mine. So please excuse my grammar, and your feedback and interaction is welcome. Thanks and and always remember! Sun on your face and wind at your back.

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