Family vacation­čî┤­čî┤

Wednesday morning slightly cloudy. Winds were 5 knots, seas were flat. My guest traveled up from key west. The drive is always slow due to the speed limit on the chain of islands leading up to Key Largo. ┬átypically the speed is 35 most of the way. Most folks who travel to Key West are always under the impression that the Christ statue is in Key West, however fact is itÔÇÖs 98 miles north in Key Largo. Key largo in my opinion has ┬áthe prettiest snorkeling. My guest arrived around 10:30 and soon our trip was underway. ┬áWe are out of the channel and making 25 kts already my guest are grinning from ear to ear. The Ocean always seems to brighten the mood. We are finally out at the Christ statue. My guest are in the water with great ┬áanticipation of seeing the ghostly statue of Jesus. Finally all the travel is worth the trip. After snorkeling at the dry rocks for a hr. We depart for Rodriguez key. Once on the hook and paddle boards are in the water my guest are lounging and having fun snorkeling and paddle boarding. They are finally eating in the water where the Captain is grilling his famous Hot dogs, and taking orders while they play. As always all good things must come to an end. Not before my group of travelers get a cool ride through the mangroves on our way back to the dock. We arrive after about 45 min back at the roost just before the heavens open up and the rain comes down.

until next time remember! Sun on your face and wind at your back.

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