Family Fun-Making memories!!

December Family Excursion on the Nautical Quest!!

I had an awesome charter with a family out of North Georgia. We went out on a Sunday. The wind was 20 knots but it was sunny and the waters were blue. The windy months are December-February down here in the Keys, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the blue waters.

We headed to the reef but the winds were whipping and they just wouldn’t die down for us to make it. But the winds don’t stop us…I have backup plans to any situation to ensure that you’ll have the experience of a Keys Charter. We headed to the back country through black water sound. This is like going back in time to a place that’s untouched by commercial development. This was the Everglades National Forest. We found our own little Island where we were able to anchor down and put the paddle boards in the water. While the kids and family played in the water, I prepared lunch on the grill.

There was lots of sunning and funning out on the water and everyone on board had a wonderful time. My guests were so happy with the warmth of the sun, often making remarks about how it was 30 degrees in most of the country and 84 degrees in the keys. This family had so much fun, we plan on going out again tomorrow for another memory-making adventure.

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